Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TAR Florida Swing Daily Blog: Day 1

Andy Chen and I came down to Clearwater Florida last week to do TAR 17 Mills vs Van Boening. We had planned to go back this morning but Corey Deuel asked us if we could work something out to stay and stream his event in a couple weeks. With the help of Simonis, Erry Forsythe of AZ Billiards, OB Cues and Delta 13 we figured out a way to get it done.

So we bumped our flights and decided to hang around Florida. Today I spoke with Jerry Forsythe and he mentioned that the streamer of the Seminole Mizerak event had pulled out due to health reasons so I called Corey and he put me with the right guy at the Seminole Media group and we scored that event too.

So now we are on a little Florida swing in the winter time. Which is nice except it is 80's and sunny where Andy and I live (L.A. and Vegas) and shitty and nasty here because a huricane is out in the gulf. But that is ok because last I checked the Hard Rock and Innisbrook are water proof and the hurricane should just be some rainstorms by the time it gets anywhere near.

Florida has a metric shit ton of pool going on down here. You cant swing a dead cat without hitting a pool room or pool tour not to mention cue makers like Showman, Searing and Tucker along with casemaker Jack Justis calling the state home. I like it.

Tomorrow we head down to Hollywood and start the set up after the WPBA pro-am at about 10 pm. Then the event and stream start the next day. It will be fun to see some friends and all my WPBA player buddies like Sarah "The grumpy munchkin" Rousey and Caroline "Capao" Pao. The Hard Rock is an awesome venue. I will add pics as necessary and try to post here each day we have left in Florida.

Lesson learned #112: Going to strip clubs with people that do not drink is not as fun as going with Easy E and 3 girls from Oregon.